What is Yechh!
Well, it is as it is said.

To tell you more about Yechh!, I must tell you a little something about myself. My name is Amrith. Now, if you ask people to spell my name, nine out of ten will spell it ‘Amrit’. The tenth, you ask? Well, the tenth is me.

Now, I’m a tam (that’s Tamilian, for those who aren’t well versed with the terminology) and we tams have a distinct way of pronunciation. While you pronounce the alphabet as ‘A B C D E F G H …’, we say ‘Yea B C D Yee Yeff Gee Yechh …’
So there, you have it. Yechh is just that. The way it’s said.

Well, I used to blog here and still blog here but the old blog was becoming just a bit obsolete and was pretty much rotting. I had a bit of spare cash and thought, ‘why ever not?!’ This guy happened to be a friend of mine and knew a bit about hosting and all that jazz. So, he decided to help me out and voila! Yechh!


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