After The Villa rollercoaster

Liverpool left it late,
United were far from great.
The defence leaked and the attackers werent in their pomp,
Does it matter? Three points and we’re back on top !

The backpass was comic,
The finish, classic.
The’keeper was left marooned;Normal service, it seemed, had resumed.
Villa’s first was simple enough,
Gary marking the giant Carew was always gonna be tough.
For the second, Carew’s cross was perfectly on cue,
Gabby gladly obliged and got the goal he was long overdue.

After 80 minutes, the game looked lost ,
United needed a victory at any cost.
Up popped Ron, and with his left, he scored,
At 2-2, parity was restored.

Stoppage time, and the scores were still tied,
Looked like the title was inching toward Mersyside.
Up stepped Macheda, with a turn and a shot,
The back of the net rustled; the final twist in the plot.

Old Trafford erupted,
O’Neill’s men were devastated.
Ron and Kiko orchestrated an improbably Houdini act,
Well done United, a pat on the back !

Glory Glory Man United