Vote for me !!!

Filmstars maybe campaigning for political parties, and some of them maybe stirring up controversies, may well be to prolong their acting careers. Other actors that get into politics are at the other end of the spectrum. They know that, for all practical purposes, their acting careers are over and to preserve the wealth amassed, they get into politics.

This time around, there is a new campaign in which filmstars are appearing. This is one that asks you to vote, and not abstain from voting just because you are disillusioned with the entire way in which the country is run. This is quite a noble idea, I must admit, but then, the question arises… Who do we vote for ? In my view, its like askin a person to choose between the Devil and the deep sea. If you had this choice, which would you choose? The Devil, maybe ? and hope that he shows mercy or that he is in a good mood ? Or the deep sea, hoping that somehow, somehere there, you’ll be maybe rescued? Tough choice aint it?

There was once a proposal that a ‘NO-VOTE’ button be placed in the EVMs. Now that was a truly wonderful idea, which, like all other worthwhile ideas, was made to bite the dust. Imagine if there truly was an option to simply ‘not vote’. Now, that would give us a fair idea of how disillusioned the public really is. Right now, people simply vote for what they believe to be, the lesser of two evils. Its almost to say that, “we are resigned to our fate. Kindly show some mercy on us and do something for the good of the country!” I am not for one moment suggesting that absolutely nothing is being done to develop the country. On the contrary, many many wonderful schemes have come about but then again, why not more and more importantly, why not earlier?

It takes an incumbant govt about 4 years to start really aggressively implementing their manifestos and this rush is simply because of the forthcoming elections. All said and done, public memory is indeed short and the recent achievements are looked upon with great admiration and respect. This is then used as leverage for the next campaign. Sad as it may sound, it’s what happens.

So what then can we do about it? Not vote? That would be a waste of a fundamental right wouldn’t it? I mean, what is the point of being a citizen then, if we cant vote? So what is it gonna be? The devil or the deep sea?? Personally, I think I’ll take my chances with the de……
Go figure !!!