Author: Yechh

  • Crossie part 2

    Right, so lets begin..There are basically 5 kinds of clues : 1. Straight clues2. Double defenitions3. Anagrams4. Workable clues5. Hybrid clues 1. Straight clues Very simple. Direct defenitions of the answers form the clue.For eg. : They show up the player’s(or umpire’s) skills in retrospect (6,7)Answer: Action ReplaysEasy enough, eh? Well the thing is that […]

  • Of roommates and mess food

    My last night in the Hostel in SASTRA Univ and a good time to reflect or rather look back on the four years in ” a home away from home I guess !” To begin with, before I can even begin in fact, I wanna thank my roommates …Suresh, Mouli and Suresh in the first […]

  • Another Season almost done

    Another season of the BPL has almost climaxed and what a season it has been. A topsy turvy ride spanning not only the teams chasing the title but also the teams hoping to avoid the drop, and it isn’t quite over yet. United have won the title with a game to spare but that’s only […]

  • An ode to United

    Here’s a man who goes by the name Arunaldo..True to his pen name, he is as fleet with his pen as Ronaldo is with the ball at his feet …So without much further ado,I give to you … An ode to United …A must read for all United fans … Cheers p.s By the […]

  • Crossie part 1

    Crosswords … Those black and white grids that appear on the newspaper everyday .. Those cerebral word games that only a few people even look at .. Or is it ??Crosswords are a wonderful passtime and also equally importantly, a way to build up vocabularies .. All it needs is a little time, and oh […]