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  • A night of opportunities lost

    It was another fantastic European night at Old Trafford; it had goals, red cards, heroic defending and moments of pure magic. At the end though, Bayern Munich emerged with a loss on the night but a place booked in the semi-finals.   The drama unfolded even before kick-off. Wayne Rooney started. Clearly, he was only […]

  • Europe tonight: A preview

    Yesterday is history now. Once the dust settled in Spain and Russia, two of the four semi-finalists of the UEFA Champions League 2009-’10 have been identified. It will be a clash of Italian guile and steel against the Spanish flow and beauty.   A couple of massive matches tonight. First, the battle for France, with […]

  • Adidas takes on Microsoft and Apple

    After Puma’s foray into the cell phone business with the ‘Puma phone’, it’s the turn of Adidas to enter the technology industry. Adidas have come with with an Operating System to take Microsoft and Apple head on. Testing is in advanced stages and industry insiders have said that its "mind blowing". Adidas has given it […]

  • India Works

    Thousands of castes, lakhs of sub-castes and countless divisions within them. Each community with its own identity and customs; customs that offer differ from household to household! Customs that often lead to conflicts, not just between communities but also within them. Caste tensions; Communal tensions; Religious tensions; Riots here; Stampedes there; Death everywhere. Hindus, Muslims, […]

  • To Reuben

    He was 95. He had a multiple organ failure. He led a full and fruitful life. He was loved by many, loathed by quite a few as well. He had his entire life to look back on. He was mourned by many, with full press coverage. He was all of 23. He was hale and […]