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    The office had moved. A new TV had been installed. This was two months ago.  The TV was a prop, essentially. No one turned it on. Ever. There was no set top box attached to it. Neither was there a PS3 or and Xbox or a blu-ray player. Like I said, it was a prop. […]

  • The book house

    A working Saturday. At the end of it, a pretty good day’s work, I would’ve thought.

  • Samarpan

    Samarpan 2012

  • The concert

    It was one of those days you wanted to cry out with joy but before that you had to cry for the choices you had to make for that joy. February 12th was one of those days. A culmination of a 3 year dream was upon me. I was to watch Remember Shakti perform live […]

  • Remember Shakti

    Remember Shakti, fairness and good deeds.