A few pointers

A few standard crossword norms to be used in clue setting and solving :

Ship — SS
Nothing — o
Sailor — ab
Goggles/Glasses/Spectacles — oo
Journalist/Editor — ed
Soldier — GI
Albert — Al
Edward — Ed
Gangster — Al
Quiet — sh
Left — l
Right — r
One — i
Former — ex
Accountant — CA
East — E
West — W
South — S
North — N
The — t ( when not used as a filler/ connector word … How you interpret it, is of course, the question. You’ll get better as you keep doing more crosswords )
Numbers — usually Roman numeral representation ( for eg. Hundred is C etc.)
oddly — odd letters
evenly — even letters
regularly — letters selected in some regular sequence  (usually 1 or 2 apart)
in/contained — the word is contained in the parent word or is more often than not in the conjunction of  two  words
Words in the middle of the clue with Capitalized first letters — The first letter
Proper nouns — first letter(s) (For eg. Royal Air Force is RAF)
heartless — word minus the middle letter
endless — word minus the last letter
Perhaps — er
somehow — word, in some form, usually a part of it
hollow/within the limits(or boundaries) of — Only first and last letters of the word
going up/backwards/turned back — word in reverse ( for eg. ‘it’ turned back( or going up) is ‘ti’ )
girl — usually represents a girl’s name ( like eve or anna etc. )
Anagram indicators
A sort of

I’ll keep adding stuff as and when I remember  or come across more ….
Pl. feel free to add others in the comment section