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  • A sample crossword

    A crossword I created a while back. Looking back now, most of the clues are very very simple. And the others??? Well,they’re very simple. Nevertheless, I’m posting it. Have fun solving it. All comments welcome ….Here’s the link : First Cross Cheers

  • A few pointers

    A few standard crossword norms to be used in clue setting and solving : Ship — SSNothing — oSailor — abGoggles/Glasses/Spectacles — ooJournalist/Editor — edSoldier — GIAlbert — AlEdward — Ed Gangster — AlQuiet — shLeft — lRight — rOne — iFormer — exAccountant — CAEast — EWest — WSouth — SNorth — NThe — […]

  • Lets clue !!!

    Right … So we’re solving crosswords now. The next step?? Why, making clues of course. How many times have we seen the solutions in the paper the next day and felt “Oh! come on now …. That was a sad clue. Even I could have framed a better one.” So whats stopping you then? Go […]

  • Crossie part 3

    And we’re back … Now onto #4 … 4. Workable clues These are perhaps the most advanced of all the types of clues. These are the ones that get you to use your(and my) grey cells that lay dormant most of the time :)… These are the clues in which, almost every single word in […]

  • Crossie part 2

    Right, so lets begin..There are basically 5 kinds of clues : 1. Straight clues2. Double defenitions3. Anagrams4. Workable clues5. Hybrid clues 1. Straight clues Very simple. Direct defenitions of the answers form the clue.For eg. : They show up the player’s(or umpire’s) skills in retrospect (6,7)Answer: Action ReplaysEasy enough, eh? Well the thing is that […]