The equation of life

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the meaning of ‘Nothing’ is ‘Not anything‘ .
That got me thinking and here’s something ..

Nothing is not anything.
Anything is, well, any thing.
Now, any thing, is something.
Again, something is, some thing .. right ?
So now, Everything is some thing. Agreed?

Now, everything is, … you guessed it .. every thing.
And every thing, is certainly not every other thing.

Now, lets backtrack.

Everything is not every other thing.
Everything is not some other thing.
Everything is not any other thing.
Everything is not not not any other thing
Everything is not not nothing.

A double negation here.
Let us apply the rules of mathematics.
Negative of a negative is … Positive.

So …
You guessed it …

Everything, is nothing.


So then, if everything is nothing, then what is nothing ??
Interesting eh ?


Footnote: I was actually to give a presentation for about two and a half minutes on a topic of my choice. My initial topic was about the media and its sensationalism. But, as luck would have it, someone else spoke on that and I was just wondering on what to speak on when, in some context, I got the word ‘nothing’ ( maybe I got the word because, there was nothing in my mind at the moment! ). Naturally, my curiosity got aroused and I looked it up in the dictionary and ‘not anything’ was the meaning that I got. So I thought, why not give it a shot… Made this up in about 5 minutes… And well, the rest as they say, is History … And yes … This, as everything else,  is indeed nothing …






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