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  • The Everyman’s Guide To The FIFA World Cup 2018 – A Wrap of the Group Stages

    Hello hello hello! The FIFA World Cup 2018 is 75% over. Yes, for the more mathematically inclined of you, that means that there are only one fourth of the matches still to go. Now, depending on which side of the The-World-Cup-Is-A-Farce-Give-Me-The-Premier-League-(-The-Greatest-League-In-The-World-) divide you are on, this is either an excellent thing or a bad thing. […]

  • The Everyman’s Guide To The FIFA World Cup 2018 – Part 1

    Hello you football fanatics! And by those I mean, of course, those extreme loyalist football fans who wait with bated breath for the World Cup to roll in every few years so that those FIFA almanacs can be dusted off, the cobwebs of memory cleaned (or, well, since modern times and all that, `OK Google` […]

  • Mama Machan Maapilai no longer

    This fellow texted me out of the blue. “You’re hearing this Kaballa news?” “Utterly Ridiculous!” I do not know what he is talking about. “??” “Whatitees?” He replies. “Passed away of leukemia. 30 years of age.” The “whatitees” seemed utterly frivolous. Utterly. In all honesty, I thought that he, Kaballa, had won some international quiz […]

  • The Largesse of King King Chozhan

    [This is a part 4 (or is it 3? Or 3.5?) of the series. Parts 1, 2 (1.5?), and 3 (2.5?) can be read (not that you necessarily want to read it) here, here and here] Moving on from the short pitstop that was, the own town, the brave contingent of two (and the trusted Sopana Sundaran) moved valiantly […]

  • That having brought back the Ganges

    [This is a part 3 (or is it 2?) of the series. Parts 1 and 2 (1.5?) can be read (not that you necessarily want to read it) here and here] Rose water (generously) sprinkled, seat belt fastened, (polarized) sunglasses donned (we are definitely cool like that) the drive began. It was not really a long […]

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