Category: A mirth

  • BCCI makes a Dravid-Zaheer U-Turn

    Merely days after announcing that Rahul Dravid and Zaheer Khan would be batting and bowling consultants to the Indian cricket team in the new Ravi-Shastri-headed era of Indian cricket, the BCCI has made a U-turn of proportions that typically are reserved for seasoned 18 year olds (who have been driving since the age of 16) […]

  • One day in Madras

    “A North Indian family that I know is coming to Chennai tomorrow. Their train is coming in at ten in the morning and they have until about 8 in the night. They want to see Chennai. Suggest some places, no?” It is always a welcome distraction — questions like this from a colleague — on […]

  • “Vishwaroopam is only a trailer”

    Vishwaroopam hits theatres soon. Or does it?

  • The water cooler is broken

    It’s sweltering. The water cooler is broken. What else?

  • PIN

    PINkku pinnale ippadi oru kadhai aa???