‘Sir, orey prachanai sir.’
‘Yenna sir ungalukke prachanai?’
‘Ellam PINnale thaan sir.’
‘Pinnale ya? You mean backside le problem?’
‘Ada ille sir, neenga vere!’
‘Oh! Appona safety oosi aa?’
‘Sir! Comedy pannathenga sir!’
‘Pinne yenna thaan sir unga problem?’
‘Ellam PINnale thaan sir.’
‘Sir! Ippo neenga comedy pannathenga sir. Prachanaiye sollunga.’
‘Sir, intha ATM PIN nale thaan sir prachanai.’
‘Oh ho! Athu thaan “PINnale prachanai” nnu sonnengala. Right right. Ippo sollunga sir, PINnale ungalukku yenna prachanai.’
‘Ellam munaale ye vandha prachanai thaan sir.’
‘Sir! Kozhapaadhenga sir. Munaale prachanai aa PINnale prachanai aa?’
‘Sir! PINnale thaan sir prachanai but munaaleye vandha prachanai sir.’
‘Oh! munaale PINnale prachaney vandhurukko?’
‘Ada aaman sir! Orey prachanai thaan sir PINnale.’
‘Appo munaale?’
‘Munaaleyum ithe PINnale thaan sir prachanai.’
‘Oh ho! Seri PINnale yenna prachanai?’
‘Card blocked sir.’
‘Pinnale ?’
‘Aaman sir! PINnale thaan.’
‘Sir! Comedy pannathenga sir. I mean athukku pinnale?’
‘Athukku pinnale avala thaan sir.’
‘Appo athukku munaale?’
‘Yenna sir! Athukku munaale prachanai ille. Pinnale thaan prachanai.’
‘Sir! Munaaleyum intha PINnaale prachanai na, PINne maatha vendiyathu thane, sir?!’
‘Sir! Neenga vere! PINne maathinaa apparam vere PINnale prachanai varum sir! Oru PINnale prachanaiye porum sir!’
‘Sir! Aanalum neenga PINne maathirukkanom sir!’
‘Aaman sir. PINne pinnale maathikallamnu vitten sir.’
‘Sir! Yenna sir! Munneye PINne maathanomnnu theriyadhu?’
‘Sir! Athey thaan sir pinnale paathukkalaamnu vitten sir.’
‘Seri vidunga. Ippo yenna prachanai?’
‘Athey thaan sir. Munaale PINnale vandha prachanai. PINne thappa potten sir.’
‘Oh ho! Appo munne correctaa pottengalaa?’
‘Munne correctaa potten sir. But PINne pinne thappa pottadhu naale thaan sir intha prachanai.’
‘Seri, munaale PINnale nadandathey vidunga. Ippo yenna panna porenga?’
‘Munnadi yenna panneno athey thaan sir munaaleyum panna pogaren.’
‘Seri! Munnadi yenna pannenga?’
‘Munnadi phone panni unblock pannen sir.’
‘Seri, pinne atheye panna vendiyathu thaane?’
‘Athey pannarathukku thaan ATMkku pinnale poindhen but minaale neenga vandhenga so unga kitte pesinathukku pinnale panikkalamnu vitten.’
‘I am extremely sorry sir! Munne-pinne theriyathu ungalle aana neenga unga PINkku pinnale ulla kadahiye yen kitte sonnenga … Unmayaave indha ulagathukku oru munudhaaranam aiteenga sir! Unga avasaram theriyam unga minaale vandhu unga time waste panniten. Neenga munaadi poiy pinaadi aaga vendiya velaiye paarunga.’
‘Pinnale athey thaan sir panna poren. Appo naan varen.’
‘Right sir, all the best! Innimey intha maadri PINnale prachanai varaame paathukonga sir’

Footnote: This idea struck me when Jaga called me up last night and said that his PIN got blocked. Suddenly, there was potential for a crazy-ism on the lines of the Panchathantiram one. I must point out that I was helped, in no small measure, by Jaga. So if you liked it, the credit is as much his as it is mine. And if rotten eggs and tomatoes are the order of the day, then we shall take it together. Of course, I will let him stand in front of me. Nanben da!






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