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  • Mama Machan Maapilai no longer

    This fellow texted me out of the blue. “You’re hearing this Kaballa news?” “Utterly Ridiculous!” I do not know what he is talking about. “??” “Whatitees?” He replies. “Passed away of leukemia. 30 years of age.” The “whatitees” seemed utterly frivolous. Utterly. In all honesty, I thought that he, Kaballa, had won some international quiz […]

  • The Largesse of King King Chozhan

    [This is a part 4 (or is it 3? Or 3.5?) of the series. Parts 1, 2 (1.5?), and 3 (2.5?) can be read (not that you necessarily want to read it) here, here and here] Moving on from the short pitstop that was, the own town, the brave contingent of two (and the trusted Sopana Sundaran) moved valiantly […]

  • That having brought back the Ganges

    [This is a part 3 (or is it 2?) of the series. Parts 1 and 2 (1.5?) can be read (not that you necessarily want to read it) here and here] Rose water (generously) sprinkled, seat belt fastened, (polarized) sunglasses donned (we are definitely cool like that) the drive began. It was not really a long […]

  • The watch tower and the fallen empire

    On exiting the Darasuram temple, we walked back to the car. A note on the car. It was our own Sopanasundari. It was a Figo. Not the Luis variety but one of the Ford ilk. Back to the story. It was a sweltering day. This is a time for a bit of a rewind. When […]

  • When the seagull follows the trawler….

    Ever since I saw the wiki article on the Chozha dynasty, I was mesmerised. The map on that page — which shows the extent of the conquest — is beyond belief. This, my seeing the article, and not the conquest, was about five years ago. It must, of course, be noted that this was past my stint […]